Trump Times Entry 248 – Alt-Dems


Step aside

July 15, 2017

The Democratic party needs to stop asking me for money. It won’t be forthcoming. Every time they contact me, be it through email of snail mail, they have their fucking hand out. Why would anyone contribute to an organization that offers nothing more than “we’re not Republicans” when, frankly, most Democratic policies are simply Republican light?

Democratic policies and vision won’t change until they hand ALL the power over to new progressives. Dumping the whole (corrupt) national committee, purging Clinton operatives and recruiting Sanders people would be a good start, but only a start.

Yeah, I’ve heard the shtick, – we need to win local races, so contribute to local guys. I have a better idea – take all the cash remaining in the Clinton war chest and fund local campaigns with that. Once the Clinton money runs out move on to every other national candidate who blew it last year. There’s lots!

Fundamental change is possible, look how close we came with the Bernie movement. The old school Democrat time has passed, they just need to recognize it – ‘til then they can fuck off.

Look, the Trump coup is beginning to unravel. The Donald’s alliance with Russia has become so obvious that even Fox News has reluctantly joined in the chorus. And although it’s still a long way off (Trump’s not going to give up power without a really dirty fight) the fall of the traitor is foreseeable. Hell, some of Trump posse may even end up in jail. (But not the Donald of course, the next guy up to bat will pardon him – and we’ll accept it and move on.)

But none of that will matter if the only alternative to the Orange King is the same old tired corporate Democrats. The party that lost to the huckster will just lose to the next, unless old leadership not only gets out of the way, but also supports the new.

Over the last two-hundred-forty-nine post-election days we’ve seen the Republicans, under Trump, change for the worse, while the Democrats remain the same. The republic needs the Democratic party to either encourage and nurture alt-Dems or have the courtesy to quietly die – without begging for our money.

Change or be left behind,

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