Trump Times Entry 247 – Nothing Burger with Russian Dressing on the Side

Nothing Burger with Russian Dressing on the Side

July 14, 2017

What? Me Worry?

Thankfully, this week Donald Jr took some time to set us all straight about that silly meeting he had with that Russian lawyer back in June 2016. You know, the meeting that was so trivial it slipped his mind when he told us the Trump campaign had no foreign connections. To be fair, it also slipped Jared Kushner’s mind when he filled out his security clearance paperwork – so it must have been exceptionally trivial.

Hell, even Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort forgot all about it; so, it must have been remarkably trivial. How very boring, three senior Trump campaign staff and a Russian lawyer hold up in a private room in Trump Tower, just shooting the breeze about adoption law and the Magnitsky Act while the campaign raged on just outside that room. Yawn.

But the fake press insisted on rehashing ancient history. So, Donny, ever the sensitive guy, bared his soul in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News. The younger Donald, appearing somewhat dispirited, was totally transparent and told Sean it was a nothing burger – just four souls, three American guys and one Russian gal taking a moment to bore one another on a warm June afternoon.

Donald Jr even shared his feelings about not getting any destructive information about Hillary Clinton during the, ultimately forgettable, meet up. The nothing burger can be so disappointing.

Apparently, the meeting was so tedious he forgot all about the other Russian in the room and didn’t share that a former Soviet counter intelligence officer was also in attendance. But, what does it matter? Bottom line is team Trump didn’t get anything of value from the meeting. So, they forgot all about it and moved on.

After two-hundred-forty-eight days of feeding us bullshit like the above narrative the republic must conclude that the Trump team thinks we are all as stupid as Donald Jr. We’re not. Nothing about any of their versions the June 2016 meeting makes sense. But that’s okay, we don’t give a shit about their version of events; we’ll let the FBI figure it out. What we really want to know is why Jared hasn’t been charged with a crime for lying on his security clearance paperwork – right fucking now?

Fuck these guys,


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