Trump Times Entry 245 – Too Easy

Too Easy

July 12, 2017

What? Me Worry?

Unexpectedly, yesterday Donald Jr released an email thread about that meeting he took with a Russian lawyer last June. The thread sure seems damning – looks like he attended the meeting expecting to come away with information damaging to the Clinton campaign. And the information appeared to be coming from the Russian government.

It’s like he publicly confessed to criminal campaign activity. Odd…

Given that Donald Jr and the rest of the Trump camp have spent the last six months trying to hide Russian connections, Junior’s disclosure seems odd indeed. Why would he do this? (Or, more likely, why was he told to do this?)

First off, let’s remember that anything a Trump player says is meant to serve the Trump agenda. Motivation like patriotism, the common good or, even, common decency aren’t part of the Trump surrogate’s psyche. It’s all about winning.

So, what’s the agenda?

I guess, the plan could be to use Donald Jr as a scapegoat. Blaming everything on him is convenient because he’s a dead end. Claiming Donny did it all on his own might put a wrap on the Russian thing and there’d be no reason to investigate other people. Poor, dumb, Donny was a lone gunman, just trying to help. (Plus, daddy could pardon him, if it came to that.)

Or, this could be step one in trying to take control of the narrative. Some alt-right spokesmen have already begun suggesting that the Hillary campaign set this whole thing up. They claim Clinton took advantage of poor slow Donald Jr’s good intentions. (While this seems pretty far-fetched, let’s remember there was a time when the Donald as president seemed pretty far-fetched.)

There, of course, may be some other Trump trap going on that we cannot yet see. The Donald has been pretty successful springing outrageous shit on us so far – mostly because we, more or less, normal people cannot fathom the depravity Trump is capable of – we lack that sick Trump imagination (and we are better people for it).  So, heads up!

Then again, Donald Jr could actually be as stupid as he appears and thinks he did nothing wrong. So, why not disclose?

Listening to the Trump gang scream lies at us for the last two-hundred-forty-six post-election days has left us a little numb. So, when we hear something from them that rings of truth, we find their words kind of appealing, even refreshing. But, the republic needs to be vigilant regarding anything coming from Trump’s people – like any good con men they use grains of truth to sell big lies.

There be monsters, so be careful out there,


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