Trump Times Entry 243 – Russian Adoption

Russian Adoption

July 10, 2017

Saturday, they explained that the recently disclosed meeting Donald Jr (and other senior Trump staff) had back in June of 2016 with Russian lawyers was about adoption.

Sunday, they said that meeting was about getting information that would be damaging to the Clinton campaign, but nothing came of it.

Who knows what the story will be today? And who gives a shit? It’ll just be another lie – they’ll just keep throwing crap at the wall ‘till something sticks.

The fact that the meeting was undisclosed in Junior’s security statement, hence requiring another statement “adjustment” seems way more interesting. So far, Trump posse members Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort and Donald Jr have all had to “adjust” their security disclosures. There have been over 18 changes to their collective stories so far.

How does that work? If I (or you) were to file a federal disclose statement that left out contacts with a hostile foreign country, would we be allowed to say, “My bad” and just keep adjusting the statement at our convenience? Isn’t lying on disclosure a crime?

Why haven’t these lying asshats been arrested and charged rather than asked to please make up something new? Could there be some privilege in play here? They’re all wealthy white guys, so it’s hard to imagine the system would favor them in any way. (Yeah, right!)

Sure, they may all be under investigation by Robert Mueller for bigger things, but why leave them at large where they can fuck things up even more when the act of “adjusting” their statements amounts to a confession to perjury? (And locking them up would prevent them from fleeing to mother Russia.)

After listening for two-hundred-forty-four post-election days to team Trump’s (poorly told) lies, the republic has become increasingly sympathetic to adopting some Russian tactics.  Doesn’t purging the bourgeoisie now seem only reasonable, comrades?

No Justice, No Peace,


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