Trump Times Entry 242 – Comrade Trump

Comrade Trump

July 9, 2017

This morning, in his Sunday twitter rant, the Donald told us he and Putin spoke at the G20 about collaborating on “an impenetrable Cyber Security unit”. (No shit!)

That’s right, Trump wants to work with the criminal who hacked our election on cyber security – kind of like collaborating with Nazis on religious tolerance or consulting with Rush Limbaugh on feminism, or appointing a KKK guy to Attorney General…

I suppose this latest, counter-intuitive bullshit shouldn’t surprise us. It’s just more of the same from an obvious Russian plant – our Manchurian candidate, graduated to president. His actions, from giving Putin a pass on election tampering to turning on our NATO allies suggests we no longer have an American in charge, comrades. Just a Russian dupe.

What’s a little surprising is the Republican party’s willingness to overlook Trump’s Russian fascist leanings, I suppose because he might get them the tax cuts they worship. For a while now, I’ve suspected that, on political right, greed trumps ideology – it’s good to have verification.

Two-hundred-forty-three day after the Russians stole the election Trumps wants to partner up with the guys who stole it. The republic suspects this is the first move to secure the 2020 election, a Russian Roulette campaign strategy.

Na Zdorovie,

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