Trump Times Entry 241 – It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

July 8, 2017

Yesterday, in fiery Hamburg Germany, the Donald and Putin finally took the time to work on their relationship.

Sure, Putin’s been a little disappointed with how Trump has squandered, not appreciated, that gift Vladimir gave him last fall – true, it wasn’t the Hope Diamond, but stealing hope can be just as expensive, comrade.

And the Donald has a point in that Putin could have been way more careful about covering his tracks; yeah, in Russia if someone asks too many questions a guy can just cross ’em  off, but not in the USA. Here, time and money must be spent suppressing and spinning the stories – without killing journalists. (So unfair.)

So, both have grievances and both have (minor) faults, but like any adult couple in a LTR, they’re working on it. After all, there’s a world waiting to be carved up. Who gets what and when is never as intuitively obvious as would first appear. Hence, not re-litigating the past, but agreeing to disagree and moving forward with the relationship is the best for everyone – at least according Secretary of State and family counselor, Rex Tillerson.

Yup, two-hundred-forty-two days ago Vladimir gave the Donald something very special, and up until yesterday Trump hadn’t even bothered to say thank you. The republic suspects that this pairing of type A personalities will continue to have problems, and while they’re certainly entitled to their own choices, we all wish they’d leave the rest of us out it. We can’t choose sides since we dislike them both, equally.

Get a room,

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