Trump Times Entry 241 – Baby Steps

Baby Steps

July 7, 2017

They’re rioting in the streets at the G20 in Hamburg as the Donald and Putin arrive to talk deal.

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s Trump, has been lobbing missiles into the Sea of Japan. So, the US State Department thought it looked like fun and joined in – once again proving ours are bigger than theirs.

The Donald has been twitter raging about last fall’s DNC email hack – claiming it’s the hot topic at G20 parties. Though, why anyone at the G20 would have interest in that old news (other than Trump) is a mystery.

The Donald spoke in Poland yesterday, where he took the opportunity to verbally assault American media, previous leadership and intelligence communities. While, he grudgingly stated that the Russians may have been among those who hacked the American election last year, he seemed unconvinced.

Later today Trump will meet one-on-one with his man Putin. Office pools are forming as I speak, where sporting people get to wager on what secrets the Donald will inadvertently reveal during the meeting. (I’m laying down twenty dollars on naval deployment locations. Yeah, I know, he already did that once, but why not again?)

On the other hand, when I awoke this morning and looked at my iPhone, I found we made it through another night (night 241 since Putin gifted the election to Trump) without Trump dragging us into World War Three.

The republic is grateful for that – baby steps.

In Peace and Justice,

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