Trump Times Entry 239 – Triggering for the Lulz

Triggering for the Lulz

July 6, 2017

Way back last week, our troll and chief, the Donald, tweeted a fake Reddit video  to his 31 million followers. We can assume that the clip of a fake WWE event, where Trump faked body slammed a fake promoter who wore a fake CNN logo as his head, reached about 16 million real people, because about half of Trump’s followers are fake.

But 16 million is a lot and from there it went pandemic viral. Before long everyone had seen that 28 seconds of bullshit. Of course, the fake violence leveled against the real press triggered reactions – that was the intention.

The original video creator, of course, was not credited since the Trump machine never credits anyone other than the Donald. But more than that, like most internet trolls, the original video “artist”, counted on anonymity. It’s so much easier so say ugly shit when there are no consequences because no one knows who you are.

Usually when the troll says something ugly, if anyone complains the troll calls them snowflakes, criticized them for being so easily triggered and moves on to saying the next revolting thing. After all, who has the time and resources to find out who is saying the shit?

Well, a real news organization like CNN does.

And they did. The video creator turned out to be a Reddit user with a long history of racist, anti-Semitic posts. (Go figure.) And while CNN did not publicly identify him, they did speak with the middle-aged man, who issued an apology and took down his offending posts. He promised to never repeat his ugly behavior and offered to serve as an example to others not to do the same. (Though, how we use his example and hold him to his promise when we don’t know who he is remains unclear.)

In his apology, he claimed to be a loving inclusive person – not the guy represented in his posts.

What a crock of crap. CNN should have outed him. The trolls counts on us treating them in a gentle civil fashion, which allow then to treat us any fucking way they want. This POS will be back trolling, spreading hate and vitriol, just as soon as he feels safe (and hidden) enough to do so.

For two-hundred-forty post-election days the republic has experienced unprecedented levels of hate speech from trolls both identified and anonymous. It’s time we stop being concerned with their freedom of speech and privacy (they don’t give a shift about ours) and start fighting back like we mean it.

No Peace Without Justice,

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