Trump Times Entry 236 – Ignore the Narcissist?

Ignore the Narcissist?

July 3, 2017

Both Republicans, who don’t want to deal with the Donald’s embarrassing behavior, and Democrats, who want to talk about stuff they don’t have enough votes to do, tell us Trump tweets are distractions, meant to take our attention away from the serious business of governance. And, to a degree, they’re right.

But, how to ignore the narcissist is unclear. And is it really a good idea to ignore the guy screaming insane shit at us? Maybe not.

Ignoring Trump strikes me as ignoring the symptoms of cancer. Yeah, for now we can get by, but over time it’ll kill us. Plus, where else should we look? The Republicans wouldn’t be trying the crap they are trying if not for the Donald, and the Democrat’s lack of backbone is part of what put him in power. So, looking to either party just leads back to the Donald.

So, comrades, we’re probably better off watching as the Donald teases and provokes. We have little choice, but can take some small solace in that Donald gazing requires very little intellectual effort on our part – just self-control.

Since the election, the republic has waited for over two-hundred-thirty-seven days for the right moment to strike back. So far, we got nothing, but the time will come. When it does, it will be important to remember what it was like to be intellectually and emotionally molested by Trump and his enablers.

If for no other reason than future redress it’s important to pay attention, to take note, of how it feels right now.

In Peace and Justice,

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