Trump Times Entry 230 – Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

June 27, 2017

Oh please, stop with the intentionally confusing analysis. Trumpcare returns $800 billion to the richest tax payers, that cash comes from somewhere. If we reduce what’s spent on any program by that much, obviously, less will be delivered.

It’s really silly to expect our conservative friends to design a social welfare program when they are philosophically opposed to social welfare programs. This whole thing’s a charade. If they could politically get away with it, they would reduce the Obamacare $1.76 trillion price tag by $1.76 trillion.

Contemporary conservatives long to make America great again by taking us back to some fictional time when health insurance was provided by (some) employers and the rest of us either paid cash for health expenses or did without – like real Americans.

Of course, now fewer employers provide insurance because it cost so much, but that’s private sector and not the government’s problem – just ask them. Any conservative worthy of her copy of The Fountainhead will tell us that the free market is the only way to solve market problems like high cost. If something cost too much, people won’t buy it – hence, driving overpriced products off the market.

We can see this principle working today, as more people stop buying insurance the cost just keeps going down. (Yeah, right!)

The Republicans have been trying to repeal Obamacare for a lot longer than the two-hundred-thirty-one days since the election and they will keep trying because that’s what they believe in. The republic should know better than to count on them to replace Obamacare or any other social welfare program – such programs run counter to their philosophy, except, of course, when they need them.

In Justice,


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