Trump Times Entry 222 – Peace Ambassador Ted Nugent

Peace Ambassador Ted Nugent

June 18, 2017

Here we are two-hundred-twenty-two days after electing to change to the Donald. And most the change observed so far has been the unintended sort. Mercifully, none of Trump’s “big-ticket” items have come to fruition: Muslim travel ban – unconstitutional, wall – no funding, kill Obamacare – too complicated, America great again – any day now. But, other unexpected phenomena have manifested.

Let’s see, a left leaning guy tried to shoot up a group for Republican politicians. This is unusual in that up until now shooters tended to be politically hard-right (or just mentally ill). And, typically, they haven’t been very fussy about their victim’s politics. This guy was a Bernie follower (who ultimately supported for Jill Stein) that went crazy and channeled the lone gunman myth – like so many conservatives before him, but targeted conservatives.

Then, Ted Nugent, the guy who suggested that Obama “Suck his machine gun”, was so touched by the notion of crazy white guys, from the political left, shooting at Republicans that he had an epiphany, became a new man. He publicly vowed to stop the hate speech. Ted even reached out to liberals stating, “We have got to be civil to each other”.

The debate about whether Ted’s change of heart is genuine or just a coward’s reaction to liberals shooting back is current raging online. But, in either case, Ted’s shutting up will be appreciated.

Unfortunately, Bill Maher, who is recovering from his own word-malfunction problems, was so impressed with Ted’s announcement that he invited Ted onto his show – to start the dialog. Shit, just when Nugent’s about to shut up – some, “well-intentioned” liberal invites him to speak. What could go wrong?

I thought Maher was smarter than this; giving conspiracy theorists a “legitimate” speaking platform tends to backfire. Just look at the NBC, Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones fiasco.

Alex Jones is threatening Kelly and NBC with releasing tapes he secretly recorded of conversations with Megyn. For his silence, he’s demanding control over how NBC broadcasts his formal interview with Megyn on Sunday. Apparently, Alex doesn’t think he’s going to like the way NBC edited the interview, so he’s using a, no doubt creatively edited, tape of his own as leverage to control the narrative.

Ironically, NBC may be the only party surprised by Alex’s sleazy move. What a bunch of idiots.

The republic expects our media professionals to be smarter than our con-men; guess that’s our bad. (Idiots!)

In Pace and Justice,

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