Trump Times Entry 220 – Russian Buyer’s Remorse

Russian Buyer’s Remorse

June 16, 2017

As the investigations into Team Trump heat up, an unexpected source of insider information has begun to emerge. Seems a Russian lobbyist just contradicted Jeff Sessions’ recent testimony about meeting with foreign contacts. Apparently, our Attorney General had a couple meetings with that lobbyist, but, while under oath, forgot to mention the liaisons to the Senate. The Russian representative noted that those meetings with Sessions were also attend by a few other Republican foreign policy guys.

Ah yes, the recurring Russians-Republican theme continues – this time asserted by the Russians. Interesting.

It was also interesting that recently Putin offered political asylum to James Comey. Comparing Comey to Edward Snowden, Putin said he saw no difference and would be happy to grant the former FBI director political asylum if things got too tough for him in the USA. While most feel Putin wasn’t serious, and no one expects a Boy Scout like Comey to run to Russia, the tone of the message was clearly anti-Trump. Interesting.

I may be grasping at straws here and reading too much into things, but wouldn’t it be delightful if the Russians decided to cut their losses in betting on Trump and joined the witch hunt? After all, they aren’t going to get their primary objective: sanctions lifted. Congress just passed a bill to prevent Trump from lifting or even easing the Obama era sanctions.

So, the big prize is off the table, but Russia did get some benefit from their cyber-attack: disruption of the American political system and the election of a weak stupid leader, the Donald. Not too bad for a few month’s covert work.

But now, Trump’s value is waning and may be too expensive to maintain. Plus, he just won’t shut up, which makes him dangerous.

Just sayin’.

We appreciate that Trump’s election, two-hundred-twenty days ago, hasn’t been as helpful to Russia as expected. And the republic understands Russia’s desire for a clean breakup. So, comrades, if you could share what you know about the Donald, we’ll take from here.

Na Zdorovie,

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