Trump Times Entry 219 – Catch and Release Witch Hunt

Catch and Release Witch Hunt

June 15, 2017

Let the games begin. Please!

So, the Donald, the guy who criticized Obama for tipping his hand, tipped his hand revealing his idea to, maybe, fire FBI special counsel, Robert Mueller. After all, firing the last FBI guy did slow things down a bit – so, it was a partial victory. And, perhaps, if the Donald keeps firing people, eventually he might fire the right one and end this unfair, fake, witch hunt (and rid the DOJ of many many witch hunters).

The response to Trump’s “let’s fire the next guy” pitch was, pretty much, negative. Sure, the Trump orthodox thought it was a great idea, because it came from the Donald, but their influence is only significant in election years. All other voices, both pro-Trump and anti, suggested that another firing would be a bad idea. The optics would be too similar to Tricky-Dicky Nixon and the constitutional questions raised, too uncertain. Shit could go very wrong.

And that’s why I can’t imagine the Donald doing anything other than fire Mueller – or, least try to fire him.

Trump isn’t into inconvenient conventions and brings a certain emotional element to the presidency. Yup, one morning he’s going to wake up, angry and frustrated about Melania turning him down two-hundred-nineteen consecutive nights since the election, and decide to tweet a “You’re Fired!!” to Mueller.

At which point the courts and congress would, hopefully, be compelled to action. Maybe…

Given the marshmallow majority in congress, it may take a few more firings, lawsuits or, even, shootings before they catch on – until they figure out the Donald is too expensive. But, given Trump’s winning personality, in all probability they’ll get there and impeach.

Yeah, big fucking deal!

So, best case, Trump gets driven from office – back into the private sector, where he can fall back to real estate scamming and laundering Russian mob money – and we get President Pence. Whose first executive action will be to pardon Trump.

Damn it! That bleeding heart “Catch and Release” (the white guy) policy is taking all the fun out of the witch hunt. Makes the republic sad.

(Yeah, I’m getting way ahead of things with these hashtags. Call me a hopeless romantic.)

In Peace and Justice,


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