Trump Times Entry 218 – Return Fire

Return Fire

June 14, 2017

As inevitable as death and taxes, the gun play was bound to blow back to the facilitators. For years, decades, the congress of these United States has actively ignored our gun problem. No mass shooting seemed outrageous enough to provoke legislative or even investigative action. A Democrat Rep shot while speaking – too bad, but what can we do? Gay partiers mowed down in Florida – oh well, the second amendment, you know. Multiple incidents in Santa Barbara – it’s so hard to find the right time to talk about such an emotional issue.

Even gunned down schoolchildren were not enough get congress off its collective ass to do anything other than offer fucking thoughts and prayers.

If anything, gun control has gotten weaker as congress lets control laws expire. I suspect our Republican legislators thought their constituents were the only one’s armed – so felt things were, relatively, safe – for them. (I don’t understand why they think that – no one checks political affiliation at point of purchase.)

And now someone is shooting at them – go figure.

After two-hundred-eighteen days of post-election Trump influence, most the shooting has been overseas. The republic fears that is about to change.

In Peace and Justice,

The Donald just tweeted his thought and prayers to the victims of this latest shooting. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of thoughts and prayers offered as substitutes for actions?


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