Trump Times Entry 216 – The Greatest Imaginary Tapes on Earth

The Greatest Imaginary Tapes on Earth

Days Since Election: 216
Days until Termination: ?

June 12, 2017

Like most of Trump’s shtick the, now infamous, tapes of Comey conversations are imaginary. The Donald made them up to add color his drama while venting on Twitter. Trump was pissed off at Comey for stealing the spotlight, and needed to say something to get attention. So, he went with a classic – Oval Office tapes.

And it worked.

Not only did he get instant attention, with critics on both the left and right all scrambling to write rave reviews, but even his republican congress audience awoke from their Trump induced stupor chanting, “Tapes?  Must hear tapes.”

Yup, just like that, the Donald conjured a new prop to tease us with. And now, whenever things get too quiet or too real, Trump can yell, “Tapes!” and the press will drop everything to follow the shiny object. Nice…

And since their purpose is to distract, not inform, it doesn’t matter whether they actually exist or not. We’re never going to hear them. And that’s okay since the tapes are most valuable to the Donald unheard, shrouded in mystery. A virtual prop in the make America great show.

The republic thought the last circus, the Ringling Brothers’ last act, was back in May. But, the Trump show is just starting and promises to be the greatest ever with political clowns, predatory animals and magic words.

Step right up, folks – the Jeff Sessions high wire act is about to begin. And after that, if we’re lucky, the Donald himself will tell us a story with magic tapes before he makes them and Sessions disappear.

In Peace and Justice,

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