Trump Times Entry 214 – 100% Willing

100% Willing

June 10, 2017

Last Thursday, James Comey testified that the Donald, on multiple occasions, tried to persuade him to “let go” of the FBI’s Michael Flynn investigation. Comey, documented the presidential sales-calls back when they occurred and, of course, reported the events to FBI senior staff. Comey’s a careful man and was concerned that, someday, Trump might lie about the nature of those meeting. So, he documented and archived the details, just in case.

It should be noted that Comey led his testimony with declaring Trump a liar during a six-paragraph defense of his former agency, the FBI. Word on the street is Comey is something of a Boy Scout and fiercely loyal to the agency.

The Donald’s response, pretty much as expected, was to deny everything. He suggested that Comey was a liar and felt the testimony actually exonerated him. So, game over, let’s get back to plundering.

Trump offered no documentation, no witnesses, no narrative whatsoever other than, “No! I didn’t say that and there would be nothing wrong if I did.” But, when further pressed, proclaimed he was 100% willing to testify under oath just like Comey.

Woo-hoo! The president will testify under oath! Now there’s a headline grabber! Trump sure knows how to seize the narrative. The chance to watch a sitting President commit perjury got everyone’s attention. Trump testifying – now, that would be a show.

Except, it’s a promise from a liar – from the guy who told us he’d disclose his tax information right after the election, but changed his mind – from the guy who falsely accused Obama of wiretapping, who lied about using American steel only on new pipelines, lied about murder rate, about the Paris Climate Agreement and even the fucking inauguration crowd size.

Trump’s not testifying. He’s counting on the republic’s willingness to ignore his actions regardless of his words. It’s been working so far – or, so he thinks – so, why not.

On the two-hundred-fourteenth day since seizing power the Trump White House is lawyered-up and playing defense. Sworn testimony? Don’t think so, but short of that, the Donald is 100% willing to say anything to hang onto power.

In Peace and Justice,

How long do you think he’ll stretch out the “Tapes” tease? Certainly, longer than will be considered tasteful. He’s such a shitty performer – we need this show canceled.

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