Trump Times Entry 213 – Above the Law

Above the Law

June 9, 2017

Of course, Comey’s testimony yesterday sparked talk of obstruction of justice charges. And, of course, Trump’s Republican minions feel such charges are totally uncalled for. The reasons to go-easy on the Donald range from “Trump didn’t explicitly demand Comey end the investigation – he just wished Comey would do so.” to “The Donald is new at this government thing – he’s learning as he goes.”

That first reason offered to ignore Trump’s crimes is what we expect from his lawyer – pars the words to obfuscate meaning, look for (or create) reasonable doubt, leverage Trump’s shitty English to make what he says meaningless.

The other reason is a Paul Ryan special. Paul, in a press conference, asked us to be gentle with the Donald because he’s new at this, but he’s learning. The only rational response to this particular defense is a big old, “Fuck off, Paul!” The presidency does not offer on the job training; the candidates for that office claim they can hit the ground running – and that’s what we expect. If Trump is having problems handling the job he can always quit.

There is a third defense, suggested by Trump himself: the Comey is lying and Trump is telling the truth defense. But, no one really believes that – not even Trump supporters.

So, onto completing an investigation and criminal charges – right?

Maybe not.

Various news sources now report we cannot criminally charge a sitting president. Apparently, legal scholars claim the whole equal protection under the law thing has a loophole. Congress would first need to impeach him before charges could be filed.

Of course, the next guy up to bat, Pence, would likely pardon him – like Ford did for Nixon. So regardless of the crime, Trump will probably walk away free.

After suffering two-hundred-thirteen days of Trump crime and abuse is appears the best the republic can expected it to, maybe, fire the Donald for treason? Fuck, we need a new system.

And the Donald needs to eat more junk food and exercise less.

In Peace and Justice,

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