Trump Times Entry 211 – Got Nothing

Got Nothing

June 7, 2017

Sure, the Donald is tweeting credit for destabilization in Qatar – a situation that no one other than the Donald feels good about. And certainly, the four intel officers testifying before a Senate panel today could prove intriguing, but likely won’t. On the other hand, watching the political left join the alt-right in beating up progressive clowns for bad taste is nearly tasteless enough to be interesting. But, no – none of this really holds attention.

Speaking of bad taste, Kellyanne Conway has reappeared like a stubborn case of athlete’s foot. Now that she’s here, it will likely take the entire summer to get rid of her. It’s hard to keep your feet dry trudging through the swamp. But, while Conway is distracting, she’s old news!

Hell, even FOX news calling Trump an asshole seems ho-hum. After all, they still think he’s preferable to Clinton. FOX just feels the Donald needs to focus on FOX approved fiction presented on FOX channels. There’s no money to be made by wasting valuable delusions on Twitter. FOX would prefer that Trump spend time making money for FOX – yawn.

To be sure, Putin and Trump mouthing increasingly transparent bullshit about their relationship holds some small interest. And the whole world expects them to come out of the closet soon, but such things move at their own pace. So, all we can do is give the couple time and act surprised when they announce the engagement. Not exactly new.

All this Trump shit has become everyday shit.

Hence, today – got nothing.

Just anger.

Back when my marriage was dying, I was angry all the time. I’d wake up angry; go to work angry; got angrier on my way home. Avoided the object of my anger for a few angry hours, then went to bed angry. Repeat. Finally, had to end it. We’re not built to bear continuous long-term anger.

And, that’s what it feels like with the Donald. While the anger is not as intimate, it is as pervasive.  Term length is of particular concern.

For two-hundred-eleven post-election days the republic has been angry with an angry Donald. A relationship based on anger cannot stand – a clean breakup would be best. The Donald needs to own his feelings, and leave us for Putin.

It’s better that way, we’ll get over it.

In Peace and Justice,


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