Trump Times Entry 201 – His Help, as Good as His Word

His Help, as Good as His Word

May 28, 2017

Two more of us died Friday, this time in Portland. Stabbed by a Nazi. They intervened while the Nazi was harassing two, presumed Muslim, women. So, the Nazi turned from the women and killed them both – then injured another young man and walked away. As simple as that.

Local authorities said they knew about the Nazi but didn’t see him as a threat to public safety. (A felon, with a history of mental illness, who publicly parades wearing an American flag cape while screaming racial crap and giving Nazi salutes, is not an public safety treat in Portland? WTF Portlandia?)

Attacks, from the alt-right, on the population have been increasing here in the early Trump era – escalating. Just last week the Web was infected with a video of a white woman harassing an, apparently Latino, woman – when a third woman intervened, the harasser stepped up to racial name calling. Not murder, but escalation.

Now this.

Troubling, but what could we expect? The Donald’s been nurturing this shit with thinly veiled racism and confrontational stylings since his New York slumlord days.

As usual, hopeful people have asked the president to speak out against the rising tide of violence. As usual, the Donald has not responded to those requests. He’s been too busy, making sales calls to Saudi Arabia, bullying allies, and learning conversational Russian in anticipation of early retirement.

Plus, Trump speaking out against alt-right violence wouldn’t work – there’s no point. The Donald’s talents don’t apply well to calming people down and reflecting upon what’s right. He’s more of a stir it up, get ‘em angry kind of a guy. Though, always with a touch of plausible deniability.

No, any Donald speech about recent domestic violence would surely be worded for (alternate) interpretation as permission. He got into power by granting permission to the asshats among us to express themselves – preferably through him. But,there’s bound to be some expression overflow – so, oh well…

Besides, Trump’s actual words mean little to his base (understanding what the fuck he’s saying is just as difficult for them as it is for us); the fact that the Donald is speaking is what’s important.  They believe his intent is always their agenda – it’s a religion.

It’s been two-hundred-one days since the Clinton campaign staff fell into a Putin planned, Trump executed, trap and lost the election. (Dumb-asses!) Since then the republic has learned that Trump speaking only makes things worse. His word is no good; why would his help any better?

In Peace and Justice,

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