Trump Times Entry 200 – War Room Service

War Room Service

May 27, 2017

So, today, the two-hundredth since the Trump Russian cartel leveraged the election, senior White House staff (Bannon & Kushner) are preparing a war room. Yeah, those two inner circle tactical geniuses came back early from the Trump World Tour to build a structure to fight mounting concerns about the Donald’s Russian relationships. That’s right, the Donald, an employee of the American government, is building a war room to battle the American government! (How is this shit even allowed?)

Okay, cool… Given the experienced, highly intelligent, loyal, mission orientated guys on the job we can count on the leakiest, most awkward, proudly inarticulate war room in the history of war. So, we have that. I, for one, look forward to the inevitable wash of Dr. Strangelove based war room mimes.

Meanwhile, in the real world, hate crimes are up with a bombing in England and a stabbing in Oregon the latest. Real life hate speech is trending on the Web – with women playing lead roles. And recently, after a congressional candidate beat-up a reporter, the Texas governor publicly advised us on the best ways to shoot reporters.

Great, the bully culture is responding to the bully leadership. While, I’ve always believed all opinions should be allowed expression, because it’s important to identify the assholes among us, I didn’t realize how many there are.

The bully counts on us to follow rules they ignore. Sectarian murders rely on freedom of speech and religion right up to moment they deny other their right to life. Hate speakers, of course, rely upon freedom of speech; though they seem to confuse legal speech with consequence free speech.

The tough-guy candidate counted on a younger man’s restraint. While charges were ultimately filed, there were no arrests made regarding that incident. Does anyone believe there would have been no arrests if the younger guy had fought back, had kicked that pompous POS’s ass?

How do you think the “Shoot reporters in the head” Texas governor would react to, say, the Black Panthers suggesting ways to target governors?

They count on the civility of others, but require none from themselves.

The republic disallows any branch of government from conducting war against citizens or any other branch of government. The Trump war room is just formalization of a preexisting state of war between the Trump Russian cartel and the American people. A polite response is not indicated.

In Peace and Justice,

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