Trump Times Entry 198 – What’s Right in Our World

What’s Right in Our World

May 25, 2017

There’s a lot wrong. Our leaders honor money over all else. Our faiths squabble, sin, over who’s god is holiest. Judging individuals, based upon shade, is coming back into vogue. Female continues as the lesser. One-hundred-ninety-eight days ago we elected a man, not so much despite, but because he reflects that which is ugly – a celebration of greed shrink-wrapped in religious patriotism.

There’s a lot wrong.

Here’s something right:

British music students break into song – the Oasis classic “Don’t Look Back in Anger” during a student arranged tribute to honor Manchester’s bombing victims, less than 500 feet from the arena, within the police cordon.

Trump is the past – he will not endure. He’s an echo of what we were, distorted by the distance, he weakens over time. The Donald is what was, trying in desperation to hold onto something no longer there.

These, their sisters and brother everywhere, are the future. The Donald can’t prevent them; religious extremists can’t stop them; they can’t even stop themselves. Time favors the young and optimistic.

Hence, the republic remains hopeful.

In Peace and Justice,

Video source credit: Huffington Post


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