Trump Times Entry 197 – Leakiest President Ever

Leakiest President Ever

May 24, 2017

So, one more time, we’ve leaked another country’s confidential information. This time, outed details about the Manchester attack, before our British allies were ready to make those details public – thus, impeding the investigation.


Well, could be worse. It’s not like anyone spilled intelligence to known Russian agents while giving those very agents a White House tour or, as if, anyone confirmed that information as Israeli, during a press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister.

But, my goodness, the Trump administration sure has been riddled with leaks. Though, since the press secretary is such an ineffective liar (and so unpleasant to work with), White House staff leaks have become our go to source for insider news. And Justice Department leaks have driven the Russian-Trump investigation. There have even been CIA leaks through one of the Donald’s favorite news sources, WikiLeaks.

Park Service leaks, Dakota Access pipeline leaks, inner circle leaks – hell, I bet his fucking gold toilet leaks.

Yup, leadership defines culture. And Trump is a loud cantankerous fellow, given to running off at the mouth. So, it should come as no surprise when his government similarly runs off at the mouth. Leaky president, leaky administration.

Please don’t misunderstand, I think all this leakage is good. The “national security” cover is usually bullshit. Politicians use that rationale to mostly avoid taking about uncomfortable topics – to protect us from some hash truth. Fuck ‘em – they should be compelled to tell us about every little thing they’re up to. The risk in being uniformed is far greater than the risk in knowing something ugly.

So, with the shower of information, with the contradictions to Trump lies, with the intelligence community’s concern with Trump’s behavior and his self-confessed obstruction of justice, one would think Trump should be pretty easy to pick off. Lots of high crimes, take your pick; misdemeanors galore – this should be easy as lying to voters, but very few of the liars who matter dare use the “I” word. Wonder why.

Because they’re Republicans, that’s why. They’ve made it very clear, they would never move against a fellow Republican. That would be silly. Besides they’re busy right now hiding from voters and trying to replace Obamacare with something more insurance industry friendly.

Yeah, the republic knows it’s no secret, nothing happens until we deal with the leakers in congress.

In Peace and Justice,

It’s been one-hundred-ninety-seven days since the Donald achieved election. Over that time, leaks have been our most valuable source of information.  (Plus they piss off the Donald.)

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