Trump Times Entry 196 – 22


May 23, 2017


Twenty-two of us were lost last night – casualties of a war they didn’t know they were in.


As expected, the Islamic State took credit – the suicide bomber a signature tactic.
As expected, Trump responded with name calling – this time “losers”
As expected, Melania Trump issued the generic “thoughts and prayers” message.
As expected, Ivanka Trump issued the same statement with slightly different wording.
As expected, the British Prime Minister condemned the act and vowed to persevere.
As expected, fake news stories appeared – extracting political points from lives lost.
As expected, the significant stories came from phone videos.
As expected, the press flooded coverage – repeating themselves over and over again.
As expected, the police have already arrested someone.
As expected, Trump supporters blame Obama.

There is no expectation of ending this war any time soon. None of the many sides seem to understand: ideas will not be killed off with bombs or bullets. People die easily, convictions not so much.

It took Trump one-hundred-ninety-six post-election days to learn how, but he managed to respond to the Manchester tragedy without making it about himself. While the name-calling doesn’t help, the republic is grateful for his brevity, if not his words.

It’s a wonder, what we’ve come to expect.

Twenty-two of us were taken last night – casualties to a war, known for inclusion.

In Peace and Justice,


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