Trump Times Entry 195 – High Energy President, Low Energy Staff?

High Energy President, Low Energy Staff?

May 22, 2017

So, the old white guy who lives on a teenager’s diet, who doesn’t believe in exercise, the overweight guy who criticized Clinton for lack of stamina after she went 401 days overseas as Secretary of State – yeah that guy, the Donald, had to cancel upcoming appearances on his world tour due to exhaustion – after only a couple days on the road. Cool! How’s his blood pressure? High enough to pump Saudi crude? Excellent!

Yeah, criticizing a man’s health is a cheap shot. Don’t care. Plus, the president’s health is a matter of public concern, always has been. Back in the day, Bill Clinton was disparaged for eating fast food – after his morning run. Can anyone really imagine Trump running? (Not a pretty picture.)

The Donald’s health, both physical and mental, were topics of discussion during the campaign. Remember his doctor? The dude said Trump would be the healthiest president ever; that doctor also looked one Xanax short of public urination. So, the real state of Trump’s health is unknown, but there are theories. (Just look at him.)

Politicians lie and some lies are pretty easy to get away with, some can be rationalized with evolving personal beliefs and some are even expected. But, lying about your health just before you start a four-year marathon may not as manageable as, say, hiding Russian business deals.

And nature doesn’t give a damn about a fake doctor’s opinion or Trump’s exercise theory; she’ll take what’s hers at her pleasure.

So anyway, since we have the healthiest president ever and there’s so much to do to make America great again, we need to encourage Trump to do more, to move faster. Hell, we’re sure that whole exhaustion thing wasn’t about the Donald – his staff was probably exhausted from trying to keep up with him. Maybe we need to rotate in fresh people every few days, you know, so they can keep up the pace.

After a mere one-hundred-ninety-five days of post-election hustle, on the third day of his first road trip, it’s not possible for the Donald to be exhausted – he’s the healthiest president ever and the republic need him to power-through the fatigue. Eat some KFC, drink lots of soda, push harder – be a man Donald, ignore that chest pain and press on.

In Peace and Justice,

Flynn just took the fifth regarding turning over documents to the Senate investigation. I wonder why. The Donald should get involved in this right away. He should stay up late tonight making intimidating calls to the press and committee chairs; after that he definitely should spend the rest of the night power tweeting about what a good guy Flynn is and berating Clinton. Yeah, then, of course, continue the tour in the morning – no more pussy cancellations. Show us that high energy.


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