Trump Times Entry 194 – Entitlement


May 21, 2017

The Donald is out of the country today – just hanging with the other royalty and hawking guns to Saudi Arabia. He’ll be appearing in Israel next – no doubt, another sales opportunity. Arming both sides, sweet.

Next, get this, the Donald is scheduled to meet with the pope. Perhaps to beg absolution, for pouring gasoline on the fire raging in the mid-east; though I doubt it. Since the Vatican doesn’t need the kind of hardware Trump is peddling on this trip, I wonder what the Donald will be pitching to the mother church – perhaps something abortion or birth control policy related or maybe more tax breaks. And what does he want in return? Yeah, the pope’s gonna get a papal opportunity this week; will he fall complicit or stand up to the Donald? (I‘m betting, he tries to have it both ways by tacking neutral, but I’ve been wrong about this pope before.)

So, with Trump out of town, the Russian investigation now in the hands of a Special Council and spring in the air, our media has decided to, once again, lend voice to the Trump voter. Almost like clockwork, during what passes for a low news cycle these days, we get treated to Trump people telling us how tough they have it and suggesting that we give the Donald a chance.

One of this week’s Trump panels featured a fan boy who said he voted for the Donald because Trump promised to bring Christmas back to the White House. The guy acknowledged Trump could be a “bad guy”, but felt the president kept that promise, and that alone (Christmas back in White House) was worth whatever else Trump may say or do. Because, from his Christian point of view, Trump gets it.

When this “Christian” said that, all his buddies in his pro-Trump interview panel piously nodded their heads and murmured to the one-another, “Yeah, he just gets it.”

Oh please, Trump doesn’t give a damn about them or their god. Plus, we have a pluralist nation, no one religion gets to dominate any aspect of government. (Though, that group of men probably thinks otherwise.)

Enough! After experiencing one-hundred-ninety-four days of post-election Trump behavior the republic owes neither Trump nor his supporters any more chances. The Donald has displayed his intentions and we’re not interested in (fake Christian) fascists – thanks anyway.

Frankly, hearing from Trump supporters has grown tiresome and the media needs to move on. While the Trump fan club is entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to our attention.

In Peace and Justice,


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