Trump Times Entry 193 – Revenge of the Nut Job

Revenge of the Nut Job

May 20, 2017

After one-hundred-ninety-three days of post-election Trump exposure, I find myself increasingly given to flights of fantasy. I think. Obviously, fantasy and reality are oddly positioned right now – they don’t actually merge, yet seem the same – mostly because, like it or not, the Donald has seized the initiative and begun to impose his fantasy onto our reality. It feels weird.

The vision of an American president disparaging a former FBI director while bragging to Russian diplomats in the Oval Office challenges common sense. Trump disclosing classified intel to those very same (laughing) Russians gets a skipped heartbeat. The Donald rubbing our faces in it by declaring he’s president and can do whatever he wants to do, of course, fucks with our sense of reality. Mass gas-lighting of crumbling actuality, courtesy of the Donald.

The Republican congress agrees; he is president and can do whatever he wants. So, at least we have that aspect of reality remaining firmly in place.

But, enough with the grim reality, let’s do fantasy…

What if Comey, who is characterized as a “Dudley Do Right”, a straight-arrow kind of guy were to lose it? You know, after spending a lifetime protecting and serving the law only to be thrown under the bus by a bullshitting conman, what if he decided fuck-it? Could be fun.

Comey could leak all manner of dirt on the Donald and confirm its validity in sworn testimony – without implicating himself through careful wording or just going full fuck-it and pleading the fifth. He could be the guy who breaks Trump and forces resignation. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Of course, that path leads to a President Pence who, while better than the Donald, is a religious bigot and would likely be more helpful to the Republicans than Trump. But, it looks like Pence was also involved in the Russian cover up. So, perhaps, Comey could take him out as well. Who knows what unsettling Pence words and deeds are documented in the Comey notes?

That would take us to Paul Ryan and to a place where this fantasy gets too damn complicated. Yeah, maybe Comey’s got something on Ryan, but would he use it? And what would picking off President Ryan get us? Not much. President Orrin Hatch? Shit! Then on to cabinet members, Rex Tillerson – fuck!

The Revenge of the Nut Job fantasy doesn’t seem to end well, regardless scope. Nevertheless, the republic would gratefully accept Orrin Hatch as president, if it would just make Trump go away. (What does that say about the state of reality here in the good old USA?)

In Peace and Justice,

My favorite Orrin Hatch quote: ”Capital punishment is our society’s recognition of the sanctity of human life.” Yet, he’s way better then Trump. Damn!


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