Trump Times Entry 191 – Special Witch Hunting Counsel

Special Witch Hunting Counsel

May 18, 2017

Apparently, the Donald feels picked upon – the victim of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history”. The poor baby.

Ever the voiceless sufferer, Trump’s been tweeting in response to the Justice Department appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel for the Trump-Russian investigation. While not saying it out loud, Trump’s elegant Tweets beg the unfairness built into a system that never cuts white male billionaires a break.

But the Donald doesn’t back down. So, as if to parry the thrust of this latest investigative probe, he slashed back at two politicians who have never had to endure the humiliation of being falsely accused and tried in the court public opinion: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

(You know, he makes this too easy. The Donald’s repeated use of the childish “Jimmy did it too” excuse makes me, as a parent, reflexively want to put him on a time-out after lecturing, “Listen Donny, the behavior of others does not excuse your bad behavior. You need to stop blaming others, man up. Now, go stand quietly in the corner.”

Of course, as the Donald’s parent, it would be more important to work on the lying – and the way he treats girls.)

But back to the point. This new Special Counsel guy actually has good credentials (obviously, Trump didn’t appoint him), a long record of being a tough investigator and knows the FBI. So, we have a good start, but a couple questions remain.

First, will the Donald be able to buy him? (Or has he already been purchased?) So far, Mr. Mueller looks like he brings integrity and honesty with him to the job. But, we shall see. While it’s not his first choice, Trump has been known to occasionally purchase rather than bully.

Secondly, will Counsel Mueller be able to bear up to the pressure Trump will apply? Actually, this is the Donald’s first choice for persuasion. We can expect fucking crazy fake news from the alt-right media, exaggerated slanted coverage on FOX and a plethora of disjointed accusatory sentence fragments from the Donald himself on Twitter. The mega-lie machine will go after Mueller if he says anything other than, “Nothing to see here.”

I haven’t followed Robert Mueller’s career, but since he was a Bush 43 hire it’s safe to assume he’s republican. So, his political background is a little suspicious. Nevertheless, there’s no reason, right now, to feel he won’t conduct an honest investigation. And I sure don’t envy him the truckload of Trump shit heading his way.

Credit given where credit’s due, at merely one-hundred-ninety-one days since elected, the Donald has earned a special criminal investigation way earlier than any president preceding him. Regarding that investigation, the republic sincerely wishes Special Counsel Robert Mueller good hunting.

In Peace and Justice,


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