Trump Times Entry 190 – Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

May 17, 2017

Come on! It’s been one-hundred-ninety days since Trump and his sidekick, Tricky Vladimir, leveraged what’s wrong with us into an electoral coup. Since then he’s played lots of golf, ignored lots of laws, compromised national security lots of times, hired lots of relatives and obstructed justice – all while whining continuously on Twitter. He’s done this shit with impunity, right in our faces. The only consistent reason he’s offered for his unpresidential behavior is, “I’m president”.

So, why is he still in office? Every single day we endure some new, more outrageous, bullshit from the Trump clan. He’s now giving classified intelligence to Russia while a Comey memo bomb explodes all over DC. (Hey, I don’t like Comey much, but must admit the guy’s smart and has style.)

Yes, some Republicans are finally acknowledging there may be something amiss. But mostly they remain silent while the Donald runs wild. I wonder, what will it take to get these guys off their white asses – proof of Trump laundering Russian mob money? – proof of campaign fraud? – shooting a guy on 5th avenue? – Trump and Putin holding hands while skipping down K street singing, “Na na na na na na hey hey goodbye” at the top of their lungs?


The republicans seem to be on the horns of a dilemma. If they stick with Trump and ignore the high crimes and misdemeanors they may pay a significant price in the 2018 elections – especially if he keeps creating controversy. (And he will.) On the other hand, they could pay an equally high penalty if they dump Trump, because then they will be portrayed as the guys who had to impeach their own president. (Because they will be.) Either choice sucks for the Republicans – breaks my fucking heart.

So, what choice will our morally lofty conservative friends make? Will they step up and get rid of the dangerous Putin wannabe and spare the nation four full years of this crap? Or will they do nothing and let Trump ride – hoping they can suppress enough votes in 2018 to hang on to their majority?

I’m betting they do what they do best – nothing. Which is why I cling to a Trump heart attack or stroke as our most likely best way forward. I’ve said it before: Trump is seventy, but eats like a teenager; he doesn’t believe in exercise; his doctor is a joke; he has the temperament of an unfed six-month-old. What’s more likely, Trump suffering a heart attack or congress growing a heart?

Unfortunately, the republic finds natural selection as quicker and more definitive than congress.  So, we’re not there yet.

In Peace and Justice,

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