Trump Times Entry 188 – Impeachment Is Not Enough

Impeachment Is Not Enough

May 15, 2017

First, let’s adjust our expectations – while the case against comrade Trump grows stronger every day, our Republican congress has gone from ignoring Trump’s treason to resisting further investigation. So, most the body responsible for impeachment really doesn’t want to go that direction. (They would rather cash-in now and deal with Trump created damage later – probably by blaming the Democrats; after all, if the Dems hadn’t lost the election the Donald would not be a problem.)

Nevertheless, Trump’s overt contempt for propriety and rule of law may create a situation where it’s either impeach or lose the congressional majority – the only scenario that would move the Republicans to betray their leader. If impeached and convicted, Trump would be forced to step down and Mike Pence would take over – not exactly a step up. But, it appears Pence was involved in the Russian scandal cover-up himself – so Pence could go down with Trump.

That would leave Paul Ryan, a soulless excuse for a man, in charge. While Ryan isn’t a flim-flam man like the Trump, he is a far right ideologue with a taste for Ayn Rand and a history of hypocrisy. (This piece of human waste wants to destroy the very federal programs that fed and educated him as a child – proving that helping people doesn’t always work out.)

So, post-Trump (sounds nice, hey?), we have either a religious authoritarian – Pence or an Ayn Rand theist – Ryan. In either case, they will attempt to drive the country to the hard right as their religious fervor guides them.  They’ll be hard to control, not as hard as the Donald, but to the orthodox, faith trumps rule of law.

Perhaps the only way to assure they don’t just mimic Trump’s tactics to further their faith-based agenda is to use the one tool they respect – fear.

Hence, upon conviction, the republic needs to put Trump in prison. No pardon, no parole, no favors – prison. After one-hundred-eighty-eight days of post-election Trump terror, the republic feels it fair to impose one year of incarceration for each day of Trump terrorism. Yes, this amounts to a life sentence, and may seem harsh, but the message must be clear to those who follow.

Besides, Trump is unlikely to survive even his first year in The Big House, especially if he gets the right cell mate – you know, maybe someone named Psycho Diablo or Baby Huey.

In Justice,



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