Trump Times Entry 187 – Been Pretty Quiet

Been Pretty Quiet

May 14, 2017

Too quiet, if you ask me.

Woke up this morning to the same old, same old. The Republicans still support the Donald – although they find his behavior troubling. (Troubling, is the new Republican buzzword. While I doubt it will ever achieve the popularity of classic right-wing slogans like “In our thoughts and prayers”, it’s gaining usage as Trump continues to trouble us.)

The Dems, of course, continue to fight among themselves. Bernie supporters now suggest 2020 (yeah, right) and establishment leaders act as if they have a mandate to lead (they don’t). It’s unfortunate that the loyal opposition can’t unify as Trump attempts to solidify power. Perhaps it’s not just Trump, maybe there are no adults in the room.

Trump continues to infect the government with his brand: Trump Justice Department – welcome Jim Crow, Trump State Department – welcome Vladimir Putin, Trump Education Department – welcome American born-again Jesus, Trump FBI – you’re fired. Nothing new here; just another day in paradise.

Probably should just savor the quiet.

Hell, Trump hasn’t tweeted anything notable since he tweeted “We” yesterday. Yeah, just “We”. I suspect he was about to tweet something harsh about someone he doesn’t like when he got distracted by someone else he doesn’t like. The fact that the press took the “We” tweet and ran with it is troubling, but they’ve become accustom to responding to Trump assaults every few hours or, at least, once a day. So, likely, when stimulus didn’t manifest yesterday they consumed whatever was there – even a single word, obviously unintentional, fucking tweet. Sad.

That very same mainstream media continues to feed us bland, highly processed, word salad while chasing Trump as if he were a rock-star. The news today feels much like the crap they fed us before the election. Softball conjecture based on polling data from the same folks who did such a shitty job leading up to the (surprising) election. Well, at least Billy O’Reilly’s gone for now. Funny what we take for positive change, post Trump.

The republic is grateful that today, Mother’s Day, the one-hundred-eighty-seventh day since election, the Donald has not said or done anything particularly dreadful. We appreciate the quiet and understand there will be cost later. With the Donald, even nothing’s not free.

In Peace and Justice,

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