Trump Times Entry 185 – Treason for Fun and Profit

Treason for Fun and Profit

May 12, 2017

What will it take to get our Republican congress to notice that the Donald is a treat to all, that even their privileged white asses are at risk? Yes, we all understand that grand master Paul Ryan and his crew are busy plundering health care dollars, but if the Donald is left unchecked those redistributed dollars could be rendered worthless.

Come on congress, there’s obvious, multiple, Russian links to Trump; hell, he holds secret meetings with Russian operatives. He invites “Official Russian Media” in to photograph the oval office. His business has extensive Russian holdings and his golf courses were financed with Russian money. The original Trump Security Adviser was driven from his job because he had taken Russian money. Trump’s Secretary of State holds Russia’s Order of Friendship Award, given to him by Putin himself. Multiple members of the Trump campaign inner circle had uncounted (and unreported) meetings with Russian operatives during the election. The FBI wire tapped into Trump Tower because of the high number of Russian communications originating from the tower.

So far, Trump has compromised every Investigation into Russian Interference – finishing up with firing the Director of the FBI.

This guy ‘s filthy dirty.

It’s damned well time congress stopped their political masturbation and removed the threat. They can get back to fucking over the country later. Right now, one-hundred-eighty-five days after the gerrymandered election, we need Trump gone.

The republic is in jeopardy, but since the Republicans see no way to make money by opposing Trump they do nothing. Plus, they’ve want to dismantle the social safety nets for decades and this may be their only chance. So, for now our representatives are going with the sure thing – treason for fun and profit.

In Peace and Justice,


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