Trump Times Entry 184 – Nixon’s Ghost is Laughing His Ass Off

Nixon’s Ghost Is Laughing His Ass Off

May 11, 2017

The information’s been too dense for a single page narrative today.  So, let’s go with a summary:

  1. Comey was investigating the Donald’s involvement with Russia.
  2. Trump didn’t like that and told him so.
  3. Following Senator Warren’s example, Comey persisted.
  4. So, the Donald had the Assistant Attorney General and Attorney General write up some reasons to fire Comey that had nothing to do with Russia. (CYA – ya know?)
  5. Then, Trump fired FBI Director Comey.
  6. Immediately thereafter, Trump and his miscommunication team told us that the Donald was just acting on recommendations from the Justice Department. See, look at the documents, they’re signed by the Attorney General and the assistant!
  7. The Assistant Attorney General then threatened to quit if Trump kept lying about him.
  8. So, they stopped lying about that, for the moment. But, the message was already delivered – thanks to social media and fake Fox News.
  9. The Attorney General who is recused from all things Russian, but still participated in this action, has been blissfully quiet. (He, likely, knows how close to the line he’s walking and fears consequences.  Seventy is pretty old to be starting a prison term.)
  10. Sean Spicer is caught hiding from the press behind some bushes. 🙂
  11. The Donald informs us that “after things settle down” we will all thank him for his decisive action.
  12. The very next day, Trump holds a meeting with high level Russian diplomats. The American press is barred from the meeting while the Russian media is welcomed.
  13. As if foreshadowing the apocalypse, Kellyanne Conway starts giving interviews again. 😦

So, bottom line: Trump fired the guy who was investigating him.  That’s what finally got Nixon.  Of course, back then congress was Democratic and most Republicans had, at least partial, souls.  Not so today.   Paul Ryan and the spineless Republican congress continue to support Trump and will until he’s of no further use to them.  Hopefully, they’ll turn on him before he invites Russian troops into DC.

After one-hundred-eighty-four days of post-election Trump bullshit it’s all begun to sound like white-noise.  Back when Nixon was lying to us we had to separate the lies from the truth.  It’s simpler today, since we can assume Trump is always lying – spinning stories within stories, like a cheap rip-off of a Tolstoy classic.

But the Republic really doesn’t want to learn Russian.

In Peace and Justice,


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