Trump Times Entry 182 – No Time for Trump Today

No Time for Trump Today

May 9, 2017

Have no time for the Donald today – with spring, mice have returned to the house and I must assist Larry with hunting down the varmint. (By assist I mean scare the mice away before Larry murders them and drops them at my feet. Yuck.)

So, just two quick thoughts:

First, isn’t it interesting that, now that we have discovered Comey lied to the congressional committee about the bullshit Clinton emails back in October, his words are characterized as inaccurate? Not lies, just inaccurate.

Wasn’t is fun to watch Sally Yates kick Ted Cruz’s arrogant ass yesterday? Cruz looked so sad; Sally looked amused, uppity.

We’ve tried to resist Trump and his boy’s club’s trashing of America for one-hundred-eighty-two days now, but after watching yesterday’s testimony, it has become painfully obvious that what the republic really needs is more, lots more, uppity women.

In Peace and Justice,


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