Trump Times Entry 181 – Apparently Harmless

Apparently Harmless

May 8, 2017

This is mostly about a video circulating today, the one-hundred-eighty-first since the Donald leveraged us one-against-another to win a rigged election…

She appeared nice enough. After all it was Trader Joe’s which, in my part of the country, attracts more left-leaning alternative (not alt-) cultural types. I’ve never had an argument at Trader Joe’s, but have had several pleasant anonymous conversations covering topics as far flung as cheap wine to quantum mechanics. (Though, to be honest the quantum conversation may have been provoked by cheap wine.)

So, the setting contrasted her words as much as her appearance, which seemed nice enough – blond, dressed mid-America casual: jeans, pink tee, gray sweater. Maybe late forties or early fifties, kind of an oval face, blue eyes – looked like one of the moms who sells overpriced soda and popcorn at local high-school basketball games. You know, nice enough.

(Okay, her handbag was fucking tacky! Sorry, but who matches a puke yellowish-brown purse with a gray sweater? Come-on!)

And then, her words.

I admit, I didn’t see the “in your face” aggressive racist bullshit coming.  But shortly after a Muslim woman gave her skips in line, she actually had the tenacity to tell that very woman, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country.”

The soda and popcorn lady proceeded to recite uninvited political analysis (Obama’s not president anymore) and fashion critique (niqab – bad, tacky handbag – good), even after her queue benefactor indicated this was her country, since she was born here.

As the Muslim woman urged her to get help, the blond, real American, finished big by predicting the incarceration of Obama.

Nice – another one minute fourteen seconds of 21st century Americana preserved forever on the internet.

I wasn’t so much surprised that a Trader Joe customer could hold such asshat opinions. This is free country (for now) and everyone is entitled to shop for cheap wine and organic carrot turmeric where ever they like. But, the soda and popcorn lady’s willingness to publicly proclaim her hate for another American, who just did her a solid was a saddening.

The republic recognizes value in encouraging racist to identify themselves. It’s best to know who they are and how many of us carry the disorder. It’s just hard to watch, since so many seem nice enough.

But, they’re not.

In Peace and Justice,

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