Trump Times Entry 174 – Making America Again

Making America Again

May 1, 2017

We start the week with another Trump insider on his way out due to embarrassing political connections. This time we get treated to Nazi influence courtesy of Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s, soon to be gone, top counter-terrorism adviser. Seems, Gorka enjoys membership in a far-right Hungarian club with Nazis ties. Great, another great pick based on “Trump thinks he’s a great guy”.

So, how many is that? Let’s see, we have Flynn – Russian operative, Paul Manafort – Russian Operative, Carter Page – Russian Operative, Sebastian Gorka – Nazi sympathizer, Katie Walsh – normal RNC operative (What’s she doing on this list? Too competent – she’s otta here.), six white guys in February – couldn’t get security clearance, gone.

There’s more, let’s not forget Steve Bannon who’s still around, but who’s lost favor. Steve’s low rating is, likely, due more to his unphotogenic appearance than his Nazi leanings. Team Trump requires ugliness perfected within, while presenting a pleasant persona. (Sean Spicer’s the obvious exception to prove the rule. Let’s face it, angry munchkins are always in style.)

The real irony here is not, so much, the pile of people who have been thrown away, but, rather, the assortment of incompetent, racist, corrupt asshats the Donald gets to hang onto. Betsy DeVos, an ever-smiling Martha with no qualifications, is our Secretary of Education? Exxon’s CEO is now the Secretary of State? What could go wrong there? What next, Elmer Fudd as Attorney General? Yup!

Once again, there’s more. This bunch will do serious damage. It’s their intention and skill set.

The laws, hence the courts, can hold-off some damage for a while, but the system assumes those in power are NOT trying to destroy it. So, this will get a little tricky. For instance, the courts might require the EPA to enforce the law, but if Scott Pruitt doesn’t hire anyone for enforcement positions… well, tricky.

There’s more.

After one-hundred-seventy-four days of post-election alienation there’s always more. In self-defense, the republic has created a post-Trump fantasy – about a time when the Donald is in exile, Betsy is confined to a padded cell and Rex Tillerson is in a Siberian gulag. It’s after the Trump holocaust and we’re busy making America again.

In Peace and Justice,

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