Trump Times Entry 173 – Recreational Lying

Recreational Lying

Balcony seating available

April 30, 2017

It was revealed last week that White House staff provide false information, make shit up, even float the occasional fake news story just to “fuck with” the press. On those occasions, they have no agenda, they’re not trying to spin Trump hate speech or even sell their point of view; no, they’re just having some fun with the libtard press. Or so those White House sources say.

Who knows? They could have been lying about their lying – after all, they’re self-confessed liars. I feel that Trump induced dizziness coming on again – I think that’s the point.

Plus, they’re just following the path set by the Donald.

For example, yesterday Trump held his own rally rather than attend the White House Correspondents Roast. The rally was held in an arena that seats 7000. Most the seats we occupied, but a good number weren’t – we have photos and video to prove it. So, we know the crowd size was less than 7000. (Yeah, I know math and Trump don’t mix, but stick with me – we’re almost there.)

Nevertheless, Trump announced people were lined up outside hoping to get in and that they broke the “all-time” record. Broke the record by partially filling a 7000-seat venue? What record? Is Guinness tracking attendance and handing out awards for crowd size in partially filled Pennsylvania arenas? WTF?

Bragging about huge crowd size at a 7000-seat venue seems, well, petty. Wasn’t the crowd size of the March for Science, last weekend, about 200,000 – in DC alone?

The lie, the exaggeration, the easily disproved alt-fact was unnecessary. He could have just said “Big Excited Crowd” and left it at that. That much was true. But, truth has no place in the Trump strategy.

The plan seems to be to carpet bomb us with lies. All lies, all the time. If they always lie, they don’t need to waste time and energy keeping their stories straight. If a contradiction or other embarrassing “fact” emerges, just lie again. As long as thirty percent will believe you regardless of what you say, go for it.

Over the last one-hundred-seventy-three post-election days the lies coming from Trump have been so numerous the republic can’t respond to them all. Performing good triage and focusing on the most reckless Trump bullshit is made more difficult when they flood us with their recreational lying – which, makes it more of a tactic than a hobby.

In Peace and Justice,

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