Trump Times Entry 170 – Short and Scattered

Short and Scattered

April 27, 2017

Going with short and scattered today – kind of like Trump’s attention span.

(The one-hundred-seventy days since the election has numbed my imagination; hence, I’ll be relying on cheap shots and name calling rather than my usual razor-edged wit today. Hell, I just read that Trump’s not a liar, he a bullshit artist. There’s no point in matching up with repartee like that. Can’t be long till the NEA names Donald the Bullshit Artist of the Year. Bullshit’s become the media of choice.)

And it keeps getting deeper. Mike Flynn’s looking guiltier and guiltier; his Turkish connection was outed as Russian – who would have guessed? What next? Remember back when U.S. generals didn’t pal around with the Russians?

Deep and deeper – gee, the White House can’t find any paper work on Flynn. Wow, how does that work? Usually when a gal starts a job, the employer makes her fill out a shitload of stuff. Not so for the white guys in the White House? That’s pretty deep.

Moving on, Trump wants to break up the court that keeps blocking his unconstitutional executive orders. Congress responded with, you can’t do that. The Donald then tweeted out against “Judge Shopping!” Ironic, given the recent Neil Gorsuch purchase.

As we approach the one-hundred-days in office benchmark, we should note the Donald, in harmony with our majority Republican congress, has produced no new legislation. While this non-accomplishment is encouraging, we can’t ignore the possibility of congress accomplishing something by accident.

Like the old 100 monkeys in a room, randomly pounding on typewriters, thought experiment – where given enough time the monkeys could produce Shakespeare; similarly, given enough tries, congress could, not on purpose, pass a program.

Since the Donald can’t read, he’d just sign it assuming it was great since it came from his very own pet congress. Who knows what insane Ayn Rand shit Paul Ryan might sneak into, otherwise only greedy, legislation?

Yeah, we’re better off with deadlock! Go figure – good thing congress is designed to do nothing by default.

The republic looks fragmented along non-parity lines, not surprising given that both Dems and Republicans are engaged in ritual cannibalism. It’s hard to watch, but can’t look away. Wish they’d hurry up.

In Peace and Justice,

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