Trump Times Entry 168 – Over the Line

Over the Line

April 25, 2017

There is no line.

Perhaps there never was, but once we believed there was and acted accordingly. Mores, folk-ways, customs, whatever seemed compelling enough. If it was customary for national candidates to release their tax information, they just did it. Even indirect nepotism was bad form and an embarrassment, as well as illegal. (Yeah, right, Robert Kennedy was appointed by brother John. And that’s why the was law changed – Johnson, who hated Bobby, made damn sure presidential nepotism wouldn’t happen again.)


The thing about the law is: to be effective, it must be enforced. An unenforced law is just a lame custom – out of style. And, rest assured, the Trump spring fashion collection features only the latest in styles. Outdated looks like transparency, ethics and embarrassability have been dropped from the product line.

And, so far, the adults designated to check presidential balance, in congress, are too busy trying to kill popular programs, redrawing district maps to fulfill anti-gerrymandering court orders and being yelled at town hall meetings. Rumor has it some Republican congressmen have gone into hiding and don’t plan on coming out until “this whole thing blows over”. Sure wish the rest of us could do that.

So, it’s not just Trump; congress is helping out bigly with erasing that imaginary line no one should ever cross, except for the entitled of course. In doing so they politicize law enforcement, but what could go wrong? I’m sure they’re doing it for our-own (or someone’s) good.

After watching the paradox , that it the Donald, for one-hundred-sixty-eight post-election days, the republic no longer sees the lines Trumps keeps crossing. It’s like the Republicans gerrymandered decency out of country to make room for Trump.

And here we thought they weren’t doing anything.

In Peace and Justice,

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