Trump Times Entry 166 – Best Care Plan Ever: Get a Better Job with a Cheaper Phone

Best Care Plan Ever: Get a Better Job with a Cheaper Phone

April 23, 2017

Had we known it was this simple, we would never have caused so much fuss. Thanks, again, to Representative Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) for highlighting the Republican vision of really excellent healthcare. Looking back, Davidson’s first directive: don’t buy iPhones instead of healthcare, was helpful, but incomplete. A tease, as it were. But yesterday, Representative Davidson revealed a second, precision interlocked, tactic in his war on healthcare. And, now, we’re beginning to see how it all hangs together.

So, you got your cheap phone, but what’s next? Well according to Warren, if your current job doesn’t provide the insurance you need, find another job.

It’s true, the most elegant solutions are typically the simplest and what Warren lacks in elegance he more than makes up for with simplicity. But, let not get carried away insulting Warren’s intelligence. He may well understand how cruel that offered “solution” was. He likely understood that his suggestion was like showing a man, dying of thirst, a bottle of water; telling him, “You should drink this”, then walking away with the bottle. (He can get his own fucking water – what am I, the Water Company?)

That would make him an asshat, but an out of the closet asshat. When these whack-a-doddles spew disgusting shit, I think we’re too quick to credit them with stupidity. No one’s that stupid; it’s cruelty. I wonder about those he represents – are they cruel too or just Republicans?

Yeah, I know Warren is a youngish guy and may have been trying to be snarky. Which is a perfectly acceptable way to express privilege, hell the Nazi’s use it all the time. And that’s fine; if Warren wants to tack Nazi snarky, great. We look forward to further public rants and maybe a primary challenge – who knows?

Warren, of course, is of no significant political value, he’s just another cookie-cutter Republican from the solid Ohio 8th district, but with a particularly big mouth. Thanks to that big mouth we have been a given a glimpse into the mind of the cookie-cutter Republican. And that’s Signiant.

There’s a word for the cruel, and it’s not “Republican”, but perhaps should be.

It’s been one-hundred-sixty-six days since America elected snarky. We shouldn’t be surprised hear needlessly cruel talk from the minions, lacking something fundamental, they just repeat what they see. Let them speak, the republic sees value in identification.

In Peace with Justice,

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