Trump Times Entry 158 – Same Old, Same Old

Same Old, Same Old

April 15, 2017

Not much’s been going on this week; just the usual hi-jinks. The Donald made another “counter-intuitive” appointment, naming Stephen Miller as Ivanka’s new playmate on women’s issues. This new guy, of course, has a history of fighting feminist issues and while Stephen is best known as a gender pay gap denier, we should not overlook his anti-maternity-leave position – he’s the whole package. It should be interesting to see how he fares, working for the princess.

Let see, FOX News had to bench O’Reilly. So, now we know how much they are willing to spend to pay-off sexual harassment suits – 13 million and not a penny more. Unfortunately, taking Bill off the air just solves the O’Reilly sexual harassment at Fox problem; it doesn’t solve the O’Reilly the sexual harasser problem. Why isn’t this pompous ass in jail like any other sexual predator? If I didn’t know better, I’d think equal protection under the law is a myth.

What else… Oh yeah, in an act of political gymnastics generally reserved for characters in Russian novels, Trump managed to take credit for, but hand off responsibility for, dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever devised on Afghanistan.

The blast was so loud they heard it in North Korea; In response, Kim Jong-un, has built up troops along South Korean border, waved around a few missiles and said, “The Trump administration’s serious military hysteria had reached a dangerous phase which can no longer be overlooked”. It’s a sure sign we’ve stepped through the looking glass when dictator Kim starts making sense.

Moving on, Trump voters have begun to display some buyer’s remorse, but even when he threatens their health insurance, deports their (he’s one of the good ones) husbands and drags us into wars they continue to support him. I’ve come to suspect Trump isn’t a political movement, he’s a religion.

Oh, and Sean Spicer had to report in to the Navy to fulfill his reserve obligation. Can we expect to see him assigned to the Persian Gulf or maybe the Sea of Japan, off the Korean coastline? Just wondering, since we seem to have so many ships parked in that area.

The Trump-Russian investigations continue, but news from those venues has been largely overwhelmed by bombs and saber rattling.

Nepotism, conflict of interest and long golf weekends prevail.

Resistance continues.

After one-hundred-fifty-eight day of post-election Trump immersion, this is is what passes for normal. The republic still stands, but sports a very different look.

In Peace and Justice,

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