Trump Times Entry 156 – Democrats, Losing Their Way to Victory

Democrats, Losing Their Way to Victory

April 13, 2017

We need a third party – actually, since the Dems hover on the brink of extinction, we need a second party. It’s their own damn fault.

When change was thrust upon the Republicans, they were too divided and self-involved to prevent it. Shit, they ran seventeen presidential candidates and only one was, at all, interesting: the Donald. (I said interesting, not good.) Their leadership was too busy yelling “Me, me!” to notice Trump was getting all the attention, becoming “us”.

The established Democrats sensed change and solidified against it. After all, just because you’ve been steadily losing political power for decades, been outwitted by a game-show-host and don’t interest your base enough to vote, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in charge. And certainly, we gotta give the corporate Dems credit for creative election management and aptitude for dirty tricks. But, using those political techniques on your own people, rather than on the opponent, just hastens extinction.

It’s political Darwinism; the Corporate Democrat niche in the political ecosystem is gone – they’re no longer required. Progressive voters, when offered a choice between Republican and Republican-lite, don’t vote. While the hard-line right, the evangelists and the Nazis all feel comfortable with today’s Republican camp – it’s a big tent.

Yeah, I’ve heard the, “Get Involved – Change the Party” mantra. But, I’ve found “Get Involved” means send money, do our menial work and shut-the-fuck-up with your socialist ideas. And rest assured, when party leadership invites us to participate in orderly change from within, they do so to stay in control.

For instance, it was very dramatic/symbolic when (corporate camp) DNC Chair, Tom Perez, demanded the resignation of all the staff. But, wouldn’t a sincere clean-slate tactic require he offer his own as well?  A clean slate, not a clean slate except for me. (Doesn’t this “everyone’s fault but mine” point of view seem kind of, well, Republican?)

Another indicator of Democratic party extinction is their unwillingness to fight for survival. Just this week they lost an election in Kansas. The loss was expected, but there was a slim chance. For awhile, the Democrat was gaining on the Republican – unheard of in the blood red district. But, after national “leadership” assessment, the Democratic party decided not to fund that race. Their thinking was, if they spent national party resources on that election, they would just encourage the Republicans to spend as well.

Yup, they didn’t want to fight harder for fear of encouraging their opponent to fight harder. Fuck them.

The republic needs the corporate Democrats to surrender what little power they still have to the Bernie wing. It time to step aside and let some new people make their own mistakes. It’s been one-hundred-fifty-six days since they lost a sure-thing election to an American-conman/Russian-cartoon comedy team – their time is over; they need to go away before inflicting more damage.

In Peace and Justice,


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