Trump Times Entry 148 – Conflating Lack of Public Denouncement with Silence

Conflating Lack of Public Denouncement with Silence

April 5, 2017

I was going to write about Ivanka Trump today; you know, about her formally joining the game of thrones now playing at the White House. After all, she does provide a certain character contrast – attractive thoughtful woman among a bunch of ugly angry male bullies. Plus, she promises some intellectual stimulation in a place where name-calling and yelling are considered nuanced conversation.

We’ll never hear a sentence like, “I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence.” from of her father, even though it’s less than 140 characters.

Indeed, that was her answer when asked why she doesn’t speak out when she disagrees with daddy’s more draconian policies. Frankly, I had to read the sentence twice, then look up the definition of “conflate” to make sure it didn’t have some obscure meaning I was unaware of – it didn’t.

So, I think she implied she does speak out, privately. But didn’t directly say exactly that… Hmm, she did go on to say the Donald knows what she thinks, but pulled up short of saying she directly tells him anything – it’s all kind of confusing. Well, if nothing else, she is her father’s daughter.

Which is why she doesn’t belong in the White House, but we’ve been over that.

Yup, was going to write about Ivanka, but she’s just another version of the same thing. A prettier con artist, for sure, but likely more dangerous for that very reason.

Shortly after the election one-hundred-forty-eight days ago, the favored daughter told us she would not join the Trump administration. She lied – just like any other fucking Trump.

The republic needs to hear honest declarative sentences from our leadership. Conversely, we require nothing, conflated or not, from their children.

In Peace and Justice.

PS –
Bannon just got kicked off the NSC. Do you think, maybe, he pissed someone off? Or perhaps the order came down from Moscow?


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