Trump Times Entry 146 – Let Jared Do It

Let Jared Do It

April 3, 2017

The Donald’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has become America’s man for all seasons. Not just an adviser (but don’t tell the feds), Jared is heading up all the big-ticket deals like China, Middle-East Peace, and reinventing our government. Hell, J-Kush, is even deploying to that American playground, Iraq.

Though, Kushner won’t be given body armor, issued a M 16 and trained for the trip like so many of his contemporaries. Instead, the big J will be wearing civilian business gray and won’t be taking part in the liberation of Mosul. No, he’ll be there to access how to best extract money from the situation – though, don’t expect Trump Tower Bagdad anytime soon.

Who would have guessed a young east coast real-estate guy with no foreign policy or, for that matter, governmental background could be so talented in so many areas of expertise? We are indeed fortunate he had the presence of mind to marry the right woman. Without that blessed union we would be forced to hire droves of foreign service experts, Chinese policy analysts, economists and constitutional lawyers. But, now, as luck would have it, Jared’s got us covered.

What could go wrong?

After one-hundred-forty-six post-election days, I find myself drawn more to personal attack than to arguing issues. Perhaps this is because the issues have become so numerous and complex, but I think it’s because the people have become so fucking evil.

The republic eagerly awaits implementation of the Trump doctrine – once it’s defined that is. We expect some variation of “Let Jared Do it”.

In Peace and Justice,

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