Trump Times Entry 145 – Flynn Faking Flipping?

Flynn Faking Flipping?

April 2, 2017

Caution is indicated. When dealing with creatures as duplicitous as the Donald, shedding assumptions about expected civilized behavior is prudent. Typically, we assume political opponents are decent people who simply have a different point-of-view. We feel it’s safe to argue, confident that social decorum will prevent the interaction from degrading into a fist-fight or worse.

That “safe” argument is a cornerstone of our political system. And while we may not assume the best of our opponents, we typically assume they play according to the same civil rules of engagement.

Trump doesn’t!

The man lies all the time, enjoys lording power over women, mocks disabled citizens, colludes with foreign powers – on and on. We have no reason to think the Donald would honor any conventional limit – we have every reason to think he’ll try anything to win.

So, let’s be a little cautious with the apparent golden goose, Mike Flynn.

Yes, I know, the White House appears to be throwing Flynn under the bus – which gives Mike a reason to flip. Though recently, Trump encouraged him to testify and endorsed immunity because of the witch-hunt atmosphere. But shortly thereafter, the White House announced Flynn didn’t disclose income from Russian sources during his vetting.

So, it sort-of looks like Mike is being groomed to take a fall. But, the word immunity has entered the conversation. And Trump is sending mixed signals (now, there’s a surprise). So, the real Trump agenda remains as elusive as a Republican’s soul (or a Democrat’s spine, for that matter).

What if they give Mike the “get out of jail” card and then he lies his lying ass off? Is Trump capable of thinking that far in advance – creating a tragic fallen general who selflessly vindicates the Donald while, symbolically, falling on his sword?

Wow, sounds a bit complex and nuanced for the Donald; sounds kind of Russian.

It’s been one-hundred-forty-five days since comrade Trump staged his historic, beautiful, amazing, landslide, minority victory. In that time, I’ve learned to see vice and corruption everywhere. Just feels safer that way.

The republic would like to hear Mike’s story; subpoena him, place him under oath, ask. Be prepared for bullshit; remember what we’re dealing with.

In Peace and Justice


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