Trump Times Entry 144 – Intended to Offend

Intended to Offend

April 1, 2017

Not Sorry

Free speech is sometimes offensive
This is intentional and implied by the free part
Tough shit

Dear Elected Official,

Stop quoting the fucking Bible! Don’t want to hear it from you – not the Bible, the Quran, Tibetan Book of the Dead or any other theology. The deal here is: you don’t force your beliefs onto me and I don’t force mine onto you. We have separation of church and state here – respect it.

Since you hold political power people are forced to engage with you, to listen to you babble on about governmental policy and actions, but we’re exempt from listening to your religious muse. We don’t fucking care how you justify cruelty. So, stop hiding behind your superstition.

If you believe, like Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas), that people who can’t work should starve just say so. Don’t go quoting some, out of context, partial verse from a 2000-year-old book. Don’t tell us you’re okay with people suffering because that’s what your god wants. The SNAP program is about public welfare, not your inner voices. Besides, if that’s what your god wants then fuck your god and fuck you.

Hugs and Kisses,
The Republic

One-hundred-forty-four days ago, religious fundamentalists overwhelmingly voted for the Donald, a man with a well-documented immoral lifestyle. Given that contradiction, one might surmise that news was not the only thing rendered fake by the Donald.

In Peace and Justice,

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