Trump Times Entry 140 – Pattern Breaking

Pattern Breaking

March 28, 2017

Today, the one-hundred-fortieth since Putin successfully gamed our election, I’m going to break protocol and not talk about that dumb-ass-whiner-man-child Trump.

I lied. We have barbarians at the gate, collapsing infrastructure, a healthcare system that resembles a rigged casino and environmental disaster imminent, yet the Donald maintains life/work balance by playing golf on a weekly basis. (Actually, he’s played 13 times over less than 12 weeks – if nothing else he’s brazen.)

So, in keeping with the Donald’s balanced life example, today I’m skipping the politics. Taking a news blackout. It’s sunny out, the snow’s gone. If you look closely, there’s green beginning to surface.

Think I’ll climb out of the dirt today and, instead, take my dog to the woods and play in the mud.

The republic needs a break – fuck Trump.

In Peace and Justice,

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