Trump Times Entry 138 – Attention Span Deficit

Attention Span Deficit

March 26, 2017

Playing truck as Trumpcare dies

We should be grateful that the Donald has a short attention span. While Obamacare took about eighteen months to craft, he gave up on the Republican replacement after only 18 days. Apparently, Trump’s self-expectations are so high, he expects to accomplish in days when others require months.

Great, that means stalling will work. Plus, when this happens, we get to see the Donald have a tantrum and throw anyone within reach under the bus. This is very entertaining and an excellent argument for Democrats to use obstruction.

We should also be grateful that Paul Ryan is just a tight suit with no actual legislative talent. During Paul’s thirteen years in the House, he has been primary sponsor for over 70 bills or amendments, of which only two became law – not exactly a winner. Paul came to power by looking good while spouting Ayn Rand – talents that get you elected in rural Wisconsin, but the Freedom Caucus doesn’t care about his body mass index or his campaign rhetoric. They want results, ultra-conservative results, and Paul just isn’t a Rand protagonist.

The Donald seems to agree and it looks like he’s about to kick Paul to the curb by blaming him for Trumpcare failure. Trump has already started using FOX News puppets to spread the word – Ryan fucked-up and the Donald is, once again, the victim.

While watching Republican blood-letting is not for everyone, much like pro-wrestling it does have a certain, base, entertainment appeal. And I, for one, look forward to the forthcoming Trump- Ryan cage match. I’m betting on the (older, but meaner) Donald over Paul, but in either case let the games begin.

I’d really like to see Trump politically kill-off Ryan before the FBI, CIA or Russian Mafia performs a similar, but non-political, action on the Donald.  Tick-tock.

The republic recognizes that all great comedy is based on timing, but grows impatient waiting on the Trump punchline.

In Peace and Justice,

After writing this blog for 138 days since the election, I’m embarrassed to find myself thinking Trump normal. He’s not. We live in post-normal times.

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