Trump Times Entry 136 – Friday Rant

Friday Rant

March 24, 2017

Yesterday, our House of Representatives decided replacing Obamacare with something worse was not a good political play. With the Republican Unaffordable Care Act running about a 17% approval rating, their choice to table it for further consideration was hardly an act of political courage. Who would have guessed the American people wouldn’t favor a replacement that covered fewer people at a higher cost?

It’s particularly ironic that the “Freedom Caucus” (a group of right-wing congressmen who think America was great enough back in 1860) actually killed the vote because they felt the legislation was too generous.

So, the American people hated the bill because it didn’t do enough, but the bill was stalled because a bunch of elected luddites decided it does too much. Great!

The Donald, of course, threw a tantrum and demanded they vote on the bill, as-is, today or forget it – he’ll just leave Obamacare in place. Good grief, it’s been one-hundred-thirty-six days since Trump bluffed his way into office and, so far, no one’s taken the time to tell him he doesn’t get to demand jack-shit from congress. Someone, maybe Ivanka, should slowly read the constitution to him. He doesn’t seem to grok limits of power and checks and balances concepts.

Of course, dismantling healthcare wasn’t the only thing going on this week.

The Trump Russian collusion scandal has been looming in the background, but was overshadowed by the Trump Russian collusion investigation scandal when the chairman of the house investigation revealed confidential information to the people he is investigating. A scandal within a scandal (within a scandal, within a scandal). Who would have guessed vetting Trump’s campaign would be so complex?

Let’s see, what else? Trump violated the law when he used official government Twitter accounts to promote his disastrous healthcare bill. The official Trump position on this issue is: The president is above the law.

Then there’s Trump (still) in violation of federal code by profiting from government contracts like the Trump Hotel DC venture. But the General Services Administration is giving him a pass – after all, the president is above the law.

Interestingly enough, Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee testified in his conformation hearing this week that no man is above the law. Odd.

One a lighter note, some Trump voters are beginning to have second thoughts, since their friends and spouses are getting deported, their healthcare is in serious jeopardy and they’re still unemployed. They seem surprised that politicians lie.

The list of malfeasance and disappointment goes on and on – it reads like Russian novel.

The republic expects to hear of more Trump corruption next week and wonders how long must we wait for congress to do its job and dump Trump. If a Democrat tried the shit Trump is pulling, she would be impeached.

In Peace and Justice,


2 thoughts on “Trump Times Entry 136 – Friday Rant

  1. Hey Fred, I really enjoy reading your blog, very well done! One one disagreement, if the democrates did this, we would see the same passes being made. Two ends of one snake. oesv

    • Hey Carla,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Hmm, would the Democrats act in the same fashion? Maybe – though I doubt it. Would they act in some other way, but still try to take advantage of the situation to benefit themselves and their corporate overlords? Yeah, probably.

      The more important question, as I see it, is: Is the “the other guy would do the same thing” argument appropriate rationale for ignoring the rules? I don’t think so. We were taught way back in grade school that the “Yeah, I did it, but Johnny did it too” argument doesn’t excuse bad behavior.

      Though, I take your point, Dems are ass hats too – just less dangerous, I think. They didn’t cover the “name your poison” dilemma back in grade school – so it’s a struggle.


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