Trump Times Entry 135 – Brazen Sycophant

Brazen Sycophant

March 23, 2017

Yesterday, the one-hundred-thirty-fifth since the election, Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the House intelligence committee, secured an anonymous tip regarding his investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Shortly after reviewing the tip he ran to the White House and informed the very people he is investigating of the new information.

Ever the eager beaver, he also managed to hold two press conferences, where he both affirmed and denied that the new evidence implicates the Trump campaign. He finished up his busy day by definitively announcing the new evidence may implicate Trump people – or maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

(That’s right, he said yes, no and maybe – all on the same day. Devin, obviously, is adopting the Trump style.)

Oh, and he didn’t bother to inform fellow members of the House intelligence committee of his discovery – they found out through the news outlets, like the rest of us.

When asked why he went to the president with this information, Nunes said the president had a right to know.

No, he doesn’t!

Under no circumstance does anyone under investigation have the right to know what’s going on inside the investigation. NO ONE! Once charges have been filed, of course, discloser is required. But, during investigation – no.

These fucking rightwing players have some odd ideas about judicial prudence. Public disclosure’s okay when democrats are investigated. And private disclosure to those being investigated is okay when considering Republicans. Yeah, odd.

Given the brazen nature of Nunes breach of investigative protocol (he could have told the Donald privately with no press) it looks like he’s trying to get disqualified from the investigation. If he just wanted to provide cover for Trump, a phone call would have done nicely. No, a publicly announced, private meeting with multiple press conferences is an attempt to draw attention – not hide.

Draws attention to himself, while he blatantly breaks the rules – hmm.

The congressman, probably, doesn’t want to be the guy who indicts Trump. If his committee gets kicked off the investigation, that won’t be a problem. After all, the Donald threatened to “come after” Republicans just for not voting as directed. Who knows what could happen to the poor slob who tries to charge him with a crime? Would Trump take a cue from his buddy Putin and start throwing people off buildings? Poison, maybe?

Yeah, the republic understands, Nunes fears the Donald’s wrath. It’s okay – just resign your chairmanship, Devin, and it won’t be your problem. There’s no need to go to these extraordinary lengths to get disqualified – just quit, you sniveling coward.

In Peace and Justice,


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