Trump Times Entry 134 – Slow News Wednesday

Slow News Wednesday

March 22, 2017

Not much going on today. Sure, the Judiciary Committee is questioning Neil Gorsuch, but Neil ain’t answering. His response to any probing question is: I am not political and have nothing to say – perhaps the most political answer possible. Conversely, Neil’s history suggests he may be a little political – since he’s been active in the Republican right since childhood. But some old white guy lying to us about easily checked facts isn’t really news anymore. Is it?

Yeah, we do have that whole FBI investigating Trump and his team for espionage thing. But, the ruling party, is more interested in who leaked any damning Trump information, because leaks are dangerious. While, Russian infiltration of the White House is hardly worth a mention – nothing to see here.

The Republican Unaffordable Care Act is up for a vote tomorrow – maybe. Paul Ryan can’t say for sure; the bill is so unpopular he may not have the votes to pass it. If passage is not a sure thing, he’ll postpone the vote and let congress do what it does best – nothing. But, Paul Ryan failing and congress doing nothing isn’t really news either.

Apparently, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been sabotaged. But, the extant and consequences of the vandalism are unknown since the status report has been filed “under seal”, keeping details secret. For the sake of safety, there’s nothing further to report – no news here.

Rex Tillerson recently revealed he never wanted to be Secretary of State. But, since he doesn’t talk with the press, no one’s been able to ask the obvious follow-up: if you don’t want the job, why don’t you quit? But, like I said, Rex doesn’t talk to the press – so, no news here.

The Donald continues to power tweet, push around fellow Republicans and play golf on a weekly basis. But, none of that is new.  And he hasn’t said anything particularly crazy for a couple days now.

The last interesting Trump performance was when he tweeted a lie about Comey’s testimony while Comey was still testifying. It was a classic Trump tweet dropping, but it also was two whole days ago. Come on Donald, if you want to be the Hemingway of 140 characters, you need to produce more. But so far, no news here either.

After one-hundred-thirty-four day of focusing on the Donald’s story, the republic is bored with his one-dimensional characters, childish plots and shitty English. Can we just get on with it, banish him to mother Russia, and start beating up Mike Pence? We could all use the change.

In Peace and Justice,

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